Developments in machine learning can raise educational standards through improved educational apps, digital engagement, and personalised learning. The X5gon: Cross Modal, Cross Cultural, Cross Lingual, Cross Domain, and Cross Site Global OER Network project leverages AI to deliver personalized learning.

This solution will adapt to the user’s needs and learn how to make ongoing customized recommendations and suggestions through a truly interactive and impactful learning experience. This new AI-driven platform will deliver OER content from everywhere, for the students and teachers need at the right time and place.

X5GON will develop innovative services for large scale learning content understanding, large scale user modelling and real-time learning personalization with a main processing pipeline dealing with big data analytics in near to real time setting. X5GON analytics pipeline is not only relevant for OER but can be easily applied in other domains as well. The term Open Educational Resources has been introduced by UNESCO in 2002, and adopted OER as a strategy to meet its objectives in education.