The AI Chair has become part of the UNESCO’s World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST)  currently preparing a study on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, to be delivered to the Director-General of UNESCO by February 2019. This commitment entails actively engaging with members of the Working Group in online and face-to-face discussions as well as drafting of specific parts of the study on Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, the study will use the following background documents that might be useful for the Working Group’s work:

  1. Mapping of AI initiatives that may have identified some ethical principles, based on information we have received and on internet search (please note that this is not exhaustive)
  2. Legal analyses carried out by a number of our interns on legislation that might be applicable to AI (please note that these are based on the interpretation of the interns with legal background carrying out the research, written in the style of the intern putting the document together, and are not to be considered as official UNESCO documents (they should also not be quoted in your study as these are not peer-reviewed analyses); in each analyses, they have also included a bibliography in which the specific text from the legislation they are referring to are included):
    1. Legal analysis around the theme of Data Protection
    2. Legal analysis around the theme of Freedom of Expression
    3. Legal analysis around the theme of Labour
    4. Legal analysis around the theme of Responsibility